Measuring children’s feet

Ensuring your child is wearing the correct size shoe is something parents struggle with time and time again, it is well documented that ill fitting shoes can cause numerous problems later on in life.

Traditionally the way to establish foot size was to go to a shoe store and be sized by a qualified assistant and this is still a great way to do it, especially if you are not confident to do it yourself. At busy times though you may have to wait a while to be seen, some shoe stores operate a ticketing system which is effectively queueing for your turn, but the plus side is that you get an accurate sizing for your child. One thing to watch out for though is that some stores, such as Clarks for example, have their own sizing standards and as such you may find the size they give you may be slightly different in other stores. Also try not to feel pressurised into buying there and then after a sizing, the staff are trained in many different sales techniques to get you to part with your money but you may find a better deal elsewhere or online.

As an alternative many online shops offer their own way of establishing the size of your child’s feet, and it really isn’t hard to do. Companies such as Mini Barratts have a downloadable sizing guide which you can print off, then following the instructions on the site you can easily find out the correct size.

Start rite shoes also have their own ingenious methods, which they call Click ‘n’ Fit. If you have a digital camera, a printer and are able to upload pictures then it would certainly be worth trying, Start rite have speant a lot of time and resources to develop this technique and it really shows in the results.

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