Shoes for winter

It may feel as though winter is with us most of the year here in Britain but for a few months in the year the weather turns particularly cold, this is when it is important to make sure your child’s feet stay warm and dry, the last thing you are going to want is for them to develop a cold or worse.

Wet conditions

There is nothing worse than walking around with your socks soaked through. During the wet months you should ensure your child’s shoes are waterproof, so materials like untreated suede or canvas are a no no. A good leather shoe will do the job or a Gore-tex lined shoe or boot, but this feature will cost extra.

Wellington boots are always a firm favourite for splashing around in, parents tend to love them because they are so easily cleaned and of course they are usually relatively cheap. They are also available in a huge range of styles, colours and brands.

Snow and ice

Kids just love playing outside in the snow, and who can blame them! we all did it. But care must be taken to ensure their feet don’t get too cold, normal shoes or trainers generally won’t be up to this task.

A proper fully lined shoe or boot is what’s called for, and there are many on the market. Snow boots are also available that will allow you to seal the top of the boot, either by pull string or some other means, this will help stop snow getting down inside the boot. An extra thick pair of socks wouldn’t go amiss either, any extra layers you provide will keep them warmer for longer.

Muddy conditions

Inevitably children will play in the mud at some point in the winter however much you try and prevent it, so why not be prepared?

Nothing beats wellies in this circumstance, they keep feet and usually trousers nice and clean. Because they are made from rubber they are so easy to clean and make like new again, ready for the next mud jumping event.

The different types of winter shoes

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