Buying school shoes

Buying your child new school shoes can be a tough old business, we have put together this guide to hopefully make your life a little easier.

Children’s feet grow at an alarming rate, so buying the more expensive shoes isn’t often an attractive proposition, especially when you can buy similar styles at much cheaper prices. But are the cheaper alternatives any good? quite often the answer will be ‘no’, the materials used in these shoes may well be less durable so the shoe will not last as long and they will possibly not be as comfortable, it is always advised to do your research before buying to make sure they will last and provide your child with sufficient support and comfort.

Laces, buckles or velcro?

Very few children that are just starting school will know how to tie their own shoe laces, in this situaion velcro or maybe even a simple buckle would be best, your child’s teacher may not appreciate having to tie 30 pairs of shoes after each activity. Of course, given time, your child will learn how to tie thier own laces. When you feel they are able and confident enough to do so on their own then is the best time to buy laced up shoes, the last thing you would want is for them to suffer a trip or fall because of badly tied shoes.

How often should i buy a new pair?

when your child first starts school their feet will still be growing quickly, so much so that they may be growing out of them in 2-3 months, it is advised that you do not let your child wear shoes that are too small as this can cause a number of problems when they are older.

When they get older foot growth slows down and by the time they are around 11 or 12 you may find a size fits for nearly a year, this is the point at which they will be wearing them out before they outgrow them. This isn’t to say you should buy a new pair as soon as they are scuffed, children do an awful lot of playing, running and tumbling in the playground and scuff marks can be taken care of by a good quality shoe polish. Only when a shoe is irreparably damaged should you buy a new pair.

Style versus praticality

As your child gets older the more style-conscious they become, they will want to choose thier own shoes and not just for school. As a parent this can become a bit of a nightmare as they are invariably going to want the most expensive pair going. It is often best to try and compromise with your child, maybe set out a few pairs in your price range that they can choose from.

But always bear in mind that a shoe needs to be comfortable and practical for school, school shoes take quite a beating in their lifetime so they need to be up to the challenge.

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