Baby’s first shoes

When should i buy baby’s first shoes?

From newborn up until the point your child is starting to takes their first steps shoes are not needed, in fact you could do more harm than good by putting shoes on your baby. Soft booties, socks or even bare foot are far better for pre-walking chldren, keeping their feet nice and warm should be the only concern.

When your child can regularly take at least twelve steps unaided then this would be a good time to think about getting their first shoes.

What type of shoe should i look for?

For the first pair of shoes your baby will wear it is probably best to buy a pair that are soft and flexible so they will still be able to use their feet properly for balance. The soles of the shoes should be non-slip and not too thick to avoid tripping.

Shoes that rise above the ankle can cause difficulties for babies just starting to walk, by restricting movement, but if you do buy a pair try to make sure that baby can move their ankle sufficiently. Also try to buy a shoe that is made of a breathable material to try and avoid baby’s foot sweating.

A lot of parents buy shoes with velcro fastenings rather than lace ups, either are fine for your child’s first shoe. But bear in mind the ease at which velcro can be undone, it won’t be long before little one figures it out and you may find the shoes spend more time off than on. That said, some parents do prefer to give their child a little independence by allowing them to take their shoes on and off as they choose.

How do i get the right size?

We offer a more extensive fitting guide, entitled Sizing children’s feet,┬ábut in brief to check for fit, make sure your child is standing first of all. There should be just enough room to squeeze your little finger between the heel and the shoe, and about the same again should fit between the end of his toe and the tip of the shoe. That’ll offer some wriggle room.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t buy a shoe that isn’t too small as this can cause all manner of problems later on in baby’s life.

Your child’s feet will grow rapidly, it is suggested that you should recheck sizes at least every few weeks, chances are baby will need the next size up within a couple of months.

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